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Chiropractic in Prior Lake

by Dr. Brad Kuntz

2021 marks 30 years as a chiropractor here is Prior Lake and Savage.

Beginning our chiropractic practice here in Prior Lake and Savage has been a wonderful experience. When we first came to the Prior Lake and Savage area, we were surrounded by farmland, giving us the unique perspective of watching the area grow and thrive.

My favorite part of being a Chiropractor here in Prior Lake Savage is getting to know the people of the community. Our community has wonderful people, recreational lakes, great parks, and recreational activities, with a small-town downtown area holding numerous family businesses- all within minutes of where we work and live.

Prior Lake / Savage has been the community where my children have grown and flourished. I could not imagine a more wonderful community to life then Prior Lake / Savage.

Thanks to everyone that's come to our office over the past 30 years. We are so grateful for each of our patients!