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10 Steps to Hormone Health

Our hormone health effects our bodies in many ways but one specific way is an increase in weight. Hormonally challenged women gain weight around their middle between the armpits and the top of the thighs. Often their arms are normal, their legs are normal and from the neck up they look great! Hormonally challenged men gain weight around their waists and often are on their way to developing breasts!

Estrogen is produced in our fat cells. Estrogen increases fat cells. As a result more estrogen is produced and so on and so on.

Breaking the Estrogen cycle and then going on an excellent weight management program is exactly what needs to take place. Most weight loss programs are very unhealthy and may actually cause you more health issues in the long run. The best weight loss program is one that detoxifies your system and allows you to eat enough and still loose weight.

1. Take and score our hormone questionnaire

Once you have scored your hormone questionnaire schedule your complete indepth anaysis with the doctor.

Evaluate your hormones. Find out the ratio of estrogen to progesterone presently in your body. If out of balance, we call that estrogen dominance, then you will likely have or currently be gaining weight around your middle.

Begin an estrogen-lowering program. That will include of course increasing your progesterone levels with a bio-identical progesterone cream. But hormone balancing was never all about progesterone. Modulating and balancing estrogens if found to be out of balance to progesterone is equally important to your weight loss program.

2. Try to reclaim and appreciate the wisdom of your hormones …

Celebrate!! Men and women whose hormones are out of balance feel unwell. Men and women who have balanced hormones feel well. Achieving hormone health will increase your overall health and wellness and assist you in losing weight. You will look younger and feel younger! You can easily do that by celebrating your hormones as a source of your femininity and mascalinity, rather than an annoying condition in need for a medical intervention. If your monthly cycle appears excessive or causes abnormal amounts of moodiness, cramping, bleeding etc. the normal neurological balances may be upset. Specific organ treatments are available which stimulate and reset the natural function of the ovary - uterus system. For many women resetting this neurological balance has changed their cycle immeasurably.

3. Have a good look at your everyday menu...

Because the food you eat may be the main culprits of your monthly suffering. A high-carbohydrate diet of junk foods, processed vegetable oils, trans fats, stimulants, and soy products instigates hormonal imbalance and sets the stage for women’s health problems. In today's fast paced life hormone injections are common in the factory farming industry. Eating organically grown meats can significantly decrease the amounts of artificial hormones you are taking in.

An estrogen-lowering diet program will include:

  1. - Increase your fiber intake. That happens two ways: 1. Eat as much as you can by choosing fruits, vegetables and whole grains as your high -fiber carbohydrate choices and then add a fiber supplement to consume 30 to 50 grams of fiber daily.
  2. - Increase the indoles (cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower) in your diet. That also happens two ways: Eat as much as you can and supplement with a goal of 3 servings a day.
  3. - Increase the essential fatty acids (EFA's) in your diet. They are essential because the body does not make them. They help balance prostaglandin production in the body and thus help regulate estrogens.
  4. - Increase your overall nutrition by taking extra vitamin C and by taking a concentrated fruit and vegetable supplement

4. Adjust your diet …

Adjust your diet taking care to include adequate animal protein, plenty of healthy fats such as natural butter, fish oils, and coconut products, as well as a variety of fresh and fermented vegetables and fruit. Do you also know that many women begin to feel better after eliminating grains containing gluten, especially wheat? If you are questioning if you have a wheat / gluten allergy simple tests are available at our office.

5. Stop eating non-organic dairy product …

And I am talking milk, cottage cheese, ice cream, etc. Supermarket milk usually comes from cows treated with BGH (Bovine Growth Hormone) and antibiotics. Both steroids and antibiotics reside in the milk and interfere with the female hormonal system. Organic dairy products from independent small producers, though, are perfect foods, and you can eat them liberally.

6. Refrain from buying highly processed vegetable oils and commercial salad dressings …

As the chemicals they contain disrupt the natural regulation of hormone production. Instead, bring back tradition and use healthful animal fats for cooking and natural sour cream and extra-virgin olive oil for dressing your salads. More people will actually lose weight by eating fat then by traditional dieting; so long as they are eating the right kinds of fats. Fats are an extremely important part of our diet.

7. Try to cut down on coffee, black tea, chocolate, sugary soft drinks ... and diet soft drinks as well.

Since they overstimulate the adrenal gland and may negatively influence hormonal health. Opt for purified water and your hormones will thank you. Many people think that by drinking diet soft drinks they are being healthier. The most recent school of thought is now linking diet colas to pancreatic health issues as well as many other health issues.

8. Let it shine!

Help stabilize your hormonal levels with everyday exposure to a full-spectrum natural light. Not only will it restore your hormonal health, you will feel so much happier too. What about skin cancer? If your worried about skin cancer eat the foods that contain the natural antioxidant's which have protected our ancestor's for many generations.

9. Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, or other types of calming exercises and deep relaxation techniques …

They all protect women’s biochemistry and are capable of reducing many PMS symptoms. Try them all and see which one works best for you.

10. There are yet more comprehensive options available to women …

Such as those involving the healing arts: Chiropractic with specific organ treatments, acupuncture, Ayurveda, homeopathy, massage therapy, and reflexology, which have been used for centuries to help women balance and restore their feminine chemistry and overall health.